Multiple Gender Identities

The present collection of techniques concerns the topic “Multiple Gender Identities'' and comprises two different aspects: On the one hand, we will talk about the self-reflective aspect of one’s gender identity/identities and on the other hand, we will focus on the regulation of relationships with other people. Both aspects play a crucial role for young people who are in the process of developing their identity/ies and relationships. Adolescence is also the time to try out different forms of identity/ies and relationships. Our collection of techniques focuses on dismantling gender stereotypes, which are still prevalent in a given society, and strengthens a positive self-image that does not need to devalue others.

The techniques are intended for groups of young people, were tried out with young people, can be used in schools and non-formal learning settings, and invite playful learning by trial and error and joyous discovery. The techniques fall into different categories such as opening, deepening, and closing techniques and meet a variety of needs for working with groups.

The collection of techniques is intended for all people who want to work on one of the topics in a pedagogical setting. Since the whole project should be understood as violence prevention, the two aspects are meant to contribute to the empowerment of young people to create peaceful and violence-free relationships with themselves and with others.