What is My Opinion About Money?


The questionnaire offers a good introduction to the topic “economic (in-)dependencies in relationships“ since it allows participants to self-reflect within a group on a topic which is still a taboo. Thinking about economy, reflecting consumer behavior and gender specific expectations about handling money opens a space to talk about deeply gendered economic realities. It allows to address the different needs, interests and wishes each participant has within a group and deepen the conversation.

The questionnaires were tested online and anonymous. The 13 to 17 years old participants all indicated that they were interested in the topics income, gender, investing, saving, jobs, and the structure of our economy.

Practical instructions

Group size

This technique is flexible and can be used with smaller and larger groups likewise.



Structure and Instructions

Every person completes one questionnaire. It is important to stress that one is allowed to leave out some of the questions. 

Variation 1: 

The questionnaires remain anonymous and only build the basis for a discussion in the larger group. Workshop leaders should be aware that the theme is still a taboo and also an intimate one, sometimes connected to shame. This might be especially true if participants or their caregivers/family/relations are out of work, have a low income or problems with money. One must be very sensitive to allow participants to share what they want and create a safe environment. This can be done by starting the conversation with asking very open, neutral questions. 

Variation 2: 

This variation is suitable for longer or multi-part workshops. The workshop facilitator collects all questionnaires and evaluates them. The evaluation serves as a basis for further discussion in the following part of the multi-part workshop series. It is crucial to maintain the anonymity of each participant. Therefore this variation is only suitable for larger groups and all information must be formulated in such a way that they cannot be traced back to someone or allow conclusions.


Following questions can be used as a start: