My Interest in Economics


This exercise is suitable as an opening activity, with participants moving around the room. It was adapted from the WIDE toolkit “Economic literacy across Europe”.1

The exercise enables the participants to choose one statement that fits them best at the moment. It is also possible that the selection reflects a solid conviction. Due to the positioning, the participants share what they know and what they are interested in. Because of this, it can start a conversation and discussion about the topic.

  1. wide: Entwicklungspolitisches Netzwerk für Frauenwerke und feministische Perspektiven: Frauen und Wirtschaft: http://www.wide-netzwerk.at/index.php/frauen-und-wirtschaft/254-economic-literacy-across-europe ↩︎


Group size

The exercise is suitable for bigger groups: 9 people and more.




The trainer prepares 4 to 6 spots, with one statement each. At first, they are covered (with paper), so the participants can’t read them.

The statements can look like this, for example:

The statements can also refer to concrete activities:

Another variation can include concrete economic independences and relationships:

Another variation can include alternative forms of economy.

Participants are in the room, and the exercise will be explained:

“You will find some statements in different places of the room. Please read every statement carefully and choose one that fits you the most right now. When you find one statement that fits you, please stay near it. When everybody has chosen, we will talk about your decisions."

The participants should have enough time to read every statement. When everybody has chosen, the discussion starts.


The discussion could start with the following questions. You should also consider the group dynamics.